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Racial Discrimination Act: 40 Years

 Dr Tim Soutphoumassane’s speech at the commemoration of 40 years of the Racial Discimination Act:  Welcome to our commemoration of the ...

State Election Forum: Baird Vs Foley

Gong Xi Fa Cai (Gong Hei Fat Choy) to all of you and may allow me to wish all CAF ...

CAF State Election Debate

The dinner night was an absolute success and featured a formidable debate on real issues. The debate was a sold-out ...

  • Multicuturalism

    Multiculturalism accepts and respects the cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic diversity.

  • Active Citizenship

    What are my rights and responsibilities in communities, cultures and economies?

  • Anti-Discrimination Act

    Chinese Australian Forum has been inspired by the courage and determination of a Chinese Australian father.

  • Racism

    Australians are a diverse people with a majority who are tolerant and welcoming of diversity.

Welcome to the Chinese Australian Forum!

The Chinese Australian Forum (CAF) is a non-partisan body established in 1985 to provide the Chinese community with a voice in the Australian political process. It began with the aim of raising the political awareness of Chinese Australians, but this objective quickly evolved and expanded to include involvement in contemporary social and political issues affecting the democratic process in Australia.